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Meal Plan Testimonials

Wondering which meal plan is right for you? Check out what some of our current UVM students have to say about their meal plans.

Lucas MorganLucas Morgan, Class of 2012
The Unlimited Meal Plan was truly the best choice I made when picking a meal plan. I did not need to worry about whether or not I was on budget with Points or if I was going to run out anytime soon, and the flexibility to eat whenever I wanted to made the meal plan great.

Frankie BennettFrankie Bennett, Class of 2013
UVM Dining Services does a great job and you will have good food no matter what meal plan you choose! I first came to college and had the Unlimited Meal Plan because I lived right above an Unlimited dining hall. It was really convenient and I never had to worry about running out of food!

Julia ShotwellJulia Shotwell, Class of 2012
My sophomore year I chose the Retail Points Plan with the higher level of points. Even though I loved eating in the Unlimited dining halls (and still do from time to time), I wanted the option of eating in the Davis Center and Marché on a more regular basis. Plus, I lived in Living/Learning so the Marche was just a few steps away!

Nigel Pritchard, Class of 2013
I prefer the Unlimited Meal plan at UVM for a number of reasons. I never have to worry about not having enough "Points" and I can go eat whenever I want. I also can regularly use the Harris/Millis Dining Hall, where I can eat meals that are free of foods that I am allergic to. The staff at Harris/Millis has been always been really supportive and accomodating regarding my food allergies. I think these allergy-free meals are the tastiest on campus!

Ming FoxweldonMing Foxweldon, Class of 2013
I liked the Points plan because I could visit all the dining locations and have more variety of food.

Jason FishJason Fish, Class of 2013
I chose the Unlimited Meal Plan for all four semesters that I lived on-campus because the Unlimited Dining Halls were a convenient place for my friends and I to hang out and there was plenty of space for even a large group of my friends to enjoy a meal together. Plus none of us had to worry about keeping track of "Points" or running out of "Meals."

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