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First-Time, First-Year Students

Welcome First-Time, First-Year Students! This website is loaded with all kinds of great information that's important to you! UVM has a great variety of food with 14 different dining locations. We also have lots of experience catering to students with nutritional and dietary needs, host many campus dining events and we specialize in sustainable dining practices.

Unlimited Access Meal Plans

All First-Time, First-Year students living on-campus during their first semester must choose from one of our two Unlimited Access Plans.

The "Unlimited Access" Plans are a good choice for first-time, first-year students as they offer worry-free dining. No budgeting required! (Parents like this too!) The Unlimited Access Plans are the only plans that guarantee students meals from the first day of the semester to the last day. So rather than budgeting your meal plans, you can focus on getting acquainted with UVM, your classes, getting involved and eating with friends and hall mates.  

In addition, our Unlimited Access experience orients the student to our sustainability and healthy dining programs on-campus, including our designated allergen-free dining platforms (MyZone's and Simple Servings). This plan works well for the students who prefer frequent meals and have irregular schedules. The plans include two options for retail points to be used at any of our retail dining locations. Plus, access to late night dining at Harris Millis and to our Eco-Ware Resident Take-out program.

Wondering what dining locations will be open move-in weekend? Or what special events Dining Services will be hosting? Check back with us as we update our Opening Weekend schedule and events.

-The UVM Dining Team

Transfer Students

Welcome to UVM and the Dining Services Transfer Orientation Guide! We know how complicated switching schools can be so we've built this page to make the transition to UVM and our campus dining experience as smooth as possible.

First thing's first... are you going to be living on-campus or off-campus? It's ok if you don't know now, many transfer students are still deciding. If you're unsure, take a look at our resources for both on-campus and off-campus students. Here's the most important thing to keep in mind: All students living on-campus must choose from one of our two Unlimited Access Plans. You will select and sign up for your Unlimited Access plan as part of the Housing and Meal Plan Contract.

Living off-campus? Check out our Commuter/Off-Campus student meal plans.

If you're in search of more guidance, take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. We've added some of the questions that transfer students like you have asked us in the past. If you have additional questions please e-mail or call our Meal Plan Office at 802-656-2945.

Again, Welcome to UVM! We look forward to serving you!

-The UVM Dining Team

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